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Use this starter park to find the building blocks of your application. Use these templated steps to be able to create a consistent look and feel for your applications. You can take these steps, add your own content, and start tracking meaningful data and analytics within minutes.

How To Use

There are two main ways you can use this starter pack:

  1. Edit directly and build application immediately

  2. Copy and paste pieces of the application and distribute

The following articles will help you get started:

Types of Steps:

Scan or Select Order

Connects to a Tulip *Jobs table. Also has built-in logic to support barcode scanning.

Task View

Edit image, subtitle, name of step, and text to quickly make work instructions. Copy the step to add more.

Interaction Step

Fullscreen Checklist

Modify the text on the left hand side, and link the checklist variable to a variable with a meaningful name and you are good to go.

Checklist with Additional Info

Data Inputs

Copy and paste these data inputs to be able

Data Summary

Quickly show variables that were previously captured for review. by editing the data name and choose the corresponding variable.

Order Information

Add a New Order

Report Event

Links directly to Tulip Table. Can reuse this step for any type of data entry form to a Tulip Table. Just rename the fields/variables and update the trigger on the 'Save' button to connect to to the new table.

Data & Analytics

Pre-built analytics are available for this application if you are interested in using it immediately.

First Pass Yield

Anytime some records an event, the system is tracking and generating the Fist Pass Yield.

Average Step Time By User

No modifications necessary, Tulip automatically tracks time elapsed on step. Modify the step target times to be able to track against a certain tar get.

Number of Completions

Track Number of Completions based on number of times a user presses the 'Complete' button.

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