Capturing GMP data and ensuring data integrity is a vital component of app building, and it's important to have visibility into the changes that take place throughout your app.

Tulip's approach to data integrity follows GMP guidelines and the concepts summarized by the acronym, ALCOA:

  • Attributable
  • Legible
  • Contemporaneous
  • Original
  • Accurate

The record history widget is a way to visualize all data captured when an app completes and stores data in table records with audit trail. .

Record History Widget

The widget offers an embedded view of the following data associated with app completion record and any change to a table record:

<Also have to include the concepts of Linked Records>
  • User
  • Type (update/create etc.)
  • Original value
  • New Value
  • Data and time of change

The following example shows the widget embedded in app, showing the history of a particular table record, Material B-0023:

Updated table record:

Added Signature:

How to add the Digital History Widget to your Tulip App

In your app editor, click Embed, and select Record History:

Once your widget is in you app, assign a table record by linking a placeholder:

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