If you are using an OPC UA data source, you may want to pull that information into Tulip to utilize in apps. While Kepware and other middleware are options, you can also choose to serve your data over your Edge MC.

Running this connection on your Edge MC will allow you to make less round trips to the cloud after each update in your OPC UA server. It can also open the availability to local OPC UA servers to be used with Tulip.

Set Up

First, make sure your:

Next, head over to the Machine page on your Tulip site.

On the Machine page, select the dropdown to locate the Machine Data Sources option.

In the top right, select Create Connector.

You can fill out your OPC UA data as described by this article. However, instead of running on the Cloud Connector Host, you can run on your Edge MC. The final configuration might look something like this.

Next steps:

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