This article describes the capabilities and configuration associated with the RFID driver in Tulip.


The RFID driver allows a number of common RFID readers to be used within Tulip Apps through the Tulip Player or Tulip IoT Gateway.

The supported readers are:

Note: It is possible to disable the "event" mode for RFID readers and use the cards to instead log users into the Tulip Player by scanning an RFID tag with the proper Badge ID. More information is at the end of this article.

The driver supports sending an event to the Tulip App when a scan occurs. This event also contains a "data" value that allows you to access the payload of the RFID tag. This is exposed in the Tulip App Editor as a "Device Event" as shown below:


To configure your RFID Reader to be used with Tulip, first ensure that the reader is plugged into a Windows computer running the Tulip Player or a Tulip IoT Gateway.

If using the reader via the Tulip Player, no additional configuration is needed.

If using the reader via the Tulip Gateway, visit the Gateway Portal page for your Gateway to configure the driver.

The relevant configuration screen is shown below.

Using RFID to Login

It is possible to use RFID tags to login users instead of in Apps. If you would prefer this functionality, please contact Tulip at indicating that you "would like the RFID on login functionality to be enabled" for your account.

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