This article describes the capabilities and configuration with the Zebra GK Series Label Printer driver in Tulip.

Note that this driver differs from the Zebra Network Printer driver that is only available for the Windows Tulip Player.


The Zebra GK Series Label Printer driver enables customers to print custom labels with their internet-connected Zebra GK Series Label Printers using data from a Tulip Edge Devices.

Tulip Application builders can use the Zebra Printer action in their triggers in the same way that they would any other Device Function by telling Tulip which ZPL template to use and the Tulip data to be encoded in the label.

In the below example trigger, when the step is opened the Zebra Printer is told to use the Work Order Label ZPL Template using data from a Tulip Table record.

If you have more than one piece of data from your Tulip Application that you would like your ZPL Template to render, use the pipe operator to separate the data points.

An example of this using the expression editor is below.


To configure your Zebra GK Series Label Printer to be used with Tulip, first ensure that the printer is connected to the same local area network (LAN) as your Tulip Edge Device.

Second, you should have some experience with Zebra's ZPL Language.

Finally, visit the Edge Device Portal page for your Edge Device to configure the driver.

The relevant configuration screen is shown below.

The options are described in detail below:

  • zplTemplates - template - Name of template: Define the name for your ZPL Template here. Tulip Edge Devices supports multiple ZPL Template definitions to enable customers to print unique labels with the same Tulip Edge Device and Zebra GK Series Label Printer.

  • data - zpl code: Save blocks of ZPL code in these sections. You can create any number of zpl code blocks to wrap your Tulip data with.

  • IP of printer: Define the IP address for your internet-connected Zebra GK Series Label Printer.

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