The Edge MC uses the same Gateway Portal as the I/O Gateway. This article will outline how to connect the device.

Physically Set up Edge MC

1. Locate DC-5V USB power port
2. Plug supplied USB power supply
3. Plug other end into a power outlet

4. Verify red LED turns on and blinks

6. Plug Ethernet cable into WAN port
7. Plug other end into active Ethernet outlet

Connect to The Access Point

1. Find and open Wi-Fi network settings on operating system

2. Select Gateway's access point. It will be the same as the serial number on the device. (e.g. Tulip-GTW-03-E60240E3)

3.In the password field, type the password of the local host: tulip-gw

4. Open browser and type in the IP address to launch the Gateway portal.

5. Verify Gateway name on portal matches Gateway serial number.

6. Click the button to continue setting up your Gateway.

Gateway Configuration

Create a password for the Gateway.

Register the Gateway using the address of your Tulip account which is <your_account>  You will need to use your login credentials that have already been validated on your Tulip account.

Reset Edge MC

In the event of a forgotten Gateway Password or other need to restore to factory settings, reset the Gateway as follows.

This will reset the Gateway to its default configuration by purging:

  • Network Configurations
  • Gateway Access Credentials
  • Tulip Account Authentication
  • Driver Configurations
  • All Gateway settings, including Light Kit

The Gateway's IP address may also change after a factory reset.

This is the only way to reset your Gateway's Password

  1. Verify Gateway is not actively controlling any devices
  2. Hold down RST button for 5 seconds, green LEDs should flash
  3. Release button when blinking red LED (L3) turns off
  4. When red LED turns back on (around 60 seconds), gateway is reset.
  5. Set up the Edge MC

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