This article is meant for Boston-area volunteers that are helping to distribute snorkel masks to combat COVID-19 in spring 2020.

Are you having problems with your Tulip app? Regardless of whether you are a courier, distributor or production specialist, here's how to get help if you are stuck:

Option 1 - Button In App

Your app should have a button that says "I'm confused". Press this button and fill out the following form. A Tulip representative will reply shortly.

Option 2 - Live Help

If you need real time help, click this link to access live support via videoconferencing.

Or, dial +16465588656 and use code 265 697 585 to enter.

A Tulip representative will be available to help from 9AM-9PM EST on weekdays, and 9AM-5PM on weekends.

Option 3 - Email

Email and a Tulip representative will reply shortly.

Option 4 - Written Resources

We have a series of help articles for common requests. Check them out here.

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