Make sure that you've set up a Machine, and understand the Analytics Builder before jumping into this article.

Machines collect a lot of useful information for the production line. It is important to be able to easily visualize this data. Tulip's Analytics Builder includes pre-configured metrics such as OEE to allow you to quickly analyze machine data.

To set up a Machine Analysis, navigate to the Dashboards tab.

Click to add a new Analysis, then select the Machine option in the modal.

From the list, select the Machine you would like to analyze, and select "Create New Analysis".

Pre-Configured Analysis Options

There are a number of charts to select from that require no additional configuration to start viewing real-time machine data. There are many configured analytics, including:

One Operation

  • OEE by hour
  • Availability by hour
  • Performance by hour
  • Quality by hour
  • Machine Time per State - ¬†displays the average Duration per Machine.

Compare Variables

  • State Duration by Machine

Multiple Operations

  • Uptime Percentage by Machine

Single Number

  • OEE
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality


  • Average State Duration - A single number metric for the average time spent in selected State.


  • Duration by Machine and State

If you select an Analysis that needs to include data from multiple machines, make sure to select all the desired Machines from the Machine field in the top left.

You can optionally configure these Analytics entirely from your own expressions as well to display any other metrics you'd like, such as part counts. 

To better understand how to do this, check out more information on the Analytics Builder's Expression Editor here.

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