The Nymi Band is a multi-factor biometric wearable device that enables users to run Tulip Apps without entering their username or password.

Getting Started

1 - Contact Nymi to purchase Nymi Enterprise Edition software and Nymi Bands. Nymi provides installation and support services to ensure your success.

2 - Contact Tulip to configure your Tulip Account to use Nymi Bands for authentication.

Important: Your Tulip site must use LDAP to work with Nymi.

3 - For every station, install the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint in addition to the Tulip Player and then configure the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint as described in the next section.

Bluetooth Endpoint Configuration

1 - Determine your Tulip Station Id by opening the Tulip Player console by pressing Ctrl + I and typing Meteor.user().station into the console to get the station id. Note that this is only possible after the Tulip Player has been registered to your Tulip Account.

2 - Configure your Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint to use this station id as the endpoint_id in the configuration file. This is usually C:\Nymi\Bluetooth_Endpoint\nbe.toml and should be similar to the following:

agent_url = "ws://YOUR_AGENT_SERVER:9120/socket/websocket"
endpoint_id = "STATIONID"

3 - Restart the Nymi Bluetooth Endpoint to reload the configuration.

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