Some Tulip partners and enterprise customers use multiple accounts on a weekly basis.

For example, an enterprise Tulip customer might have a separate account for each manufacturing site. Like this:


Or, a Tulip partner might need to log in to multiple client accounts to help with app building. For example:


It is easy to log into different accounts in a Chrome browser, but you also need to log into different accounts on the Tulip Player so that you can test apps in real-time.

Logging Into Multiple Accounts in the Player

You should NOT use the "Run" button in the App Builder when you want to use multiple accounts.

Instead, you should log in to separate accounts via the Player, and then use the built-in search functionality and menus to open apps.

To accomplish this, open the Tulip Player and select "Developer" from the Windows or Mac menu. Then, select "Change Server".

If you have already connected the account to the Tulip Player, you should select it from the resulting menu.

If you have not connected the Player to the Tulip account where you are building apps, select "Connect to New Server" and you will be able to start setting up the Player on that particular account.

See these instructions to set up the Player

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