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  • How to add fields to individual users and operators
  • How to update those fields from an app

Tulip users commonly want to see a live view of work in progress for each operator. Or, you may want to create a skills matrix that can be updated whenever an operator completes new training.

To do this, you can use "User Fields" in the "People" tab to create custom fields for all users, and then update them in real time from your apps.

Here's how to set up User Fields and update them in an app.

Creating User Fields

Under the "People" tab, select "Custom Fields" to customize your fields.

When you press the "Custom Fields" button, all operators and administrators in your account will be automatically listed.

To create a new field for all users, select the "+" button and then choose a data type from the list under "Field type".

You can add or delete fields at any time from the down arrow next to each field.

Updating User Fields In Apps

You can use triggers within your apps to update user fields in real-time.

In the example below, you can update whether a person is trained to use a saw via "Data Manipulation":

  • "Data Manipulation" "Store" data: "Static Value" "boolean" "yes" location: "Users" "Logged-In User" (field)

You can use the "Logged-In User" field under "Users" to reference the user that is logged in to the app.

In "If" statements", select "Users" from the dropdown to reference a specific field: 

  • "Users" "Logged-In User"...

Exporting User Records

You can manually export all user data to a CSV by pressing the "Download" symbol in the top right of the User Fields screen:


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