Tulip automatically runs a Cloud Connector Host for you. No setup is required on your part. It allows you to connect to any database, API or server that is accessible from the cloud. 

However, cloud connector hosts cannot talk to services that are blocked by a firewall, which is common in many corporate IT environments. 

You can still test out Connectors immediately by making a database for free on AWS.  

Here's how to set up your free test database: 

1- Create a free database on AWS. Follow these instructions to set up a free PostgreSQL database. 

2- You need to change security info.

Go to your DB instance on AWS.

Go to "Connectivity & Security" to edit security (in red).

3- You will see this view where you can select "Edit Inbound rules"

4- Edit the rules to look like this. One will need to be added for a total of 2.

  • "PostgreSQL" "TCP" "5432" "Custom" ""

  • "PostgreSQL" "TCP" "5432" "Custom" "::/0"

5- Then try to connect again using the credentials in the Connector on your Tulip account.

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