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  • How to get a real-time view of machine data in an app

Once you have added a Machine and created an Attribute on the Machines page, you are ready to start tracking real-time machine data.

Although you can certainly use a "headless app" to store data and analyze it later, you may also want a real-time view of data coming from your machines.

This is where the "Machine Attribute" widget becomes useful. It gives you a real-time chart of one Attribute, like RPMs, temperature and more.

In order to use the Machine Attribute Widget, you simply need to connect one field from your OPC server to an attribute on the Machines page.

Adding The Machine Attribute Widget To An App

In the Embed menu on the Toolbar, select "Machine Attribute".

Then, in the Widget tab of the Context Pane, select either a specific machine or any machine running at the same Station as the app.

After that, select one of the Attributes that you have created on the Machines page.

Finally, add a unit label to the chart.

Customizing the Machine Attribute Widget

You can customize the following options in the Context Pane:

  • Background color
  • Label size
  • Label color
  • Value size
  • Value color
  • Chart visual on/off
  • Chart background color
  • Chart line color
  • Chart height
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