On November 1, 2021, Tulip will no longer sell I/O Gateway devices, this article still applies to Edge IO and Edge MC devices. Learn More

The Device Portal allows you to view diagnostic information and log messages. 

To access the page, select "View logs files" from the Device Portal homepage.


The Logs tab will show a streaming view of log messages generated on your Edge Device 

You can use the "Source" dropdown to filter the logs to a particular source or just copy all of the logs to your clipboard with the "Copy to Clipboard" button.

These log messages are helpful to share with Tulip in the event that you are experiencing unexpected behavior.


The Diagnostics tab will show a formatted snapshot of some key diagnostic information for your Edge Device.

Log Page Filter Options


shows all logs captured on the Edge Device


logs from the access point


logs from the cell process, manages device drivers and connection to factory


logs from process that runs at boot to initial the Edge Device


logs from service that manages interacting with EPROM of Edge Device (read only memory)


(can be blank) info about the Edge Device hostname


(can be blank) logs about the Edge Device GPIO service


logs from service that manages the Tulip light kit


logs from the device portal


(can be blank) logs from the service that connects to the phidgets temperature sensor


logs from service that detects plug cycle of usb devices


logs from the Edge Device's network changes


logs from Edge Device remote support


logs from service which manages the Edge Device firewall

Diagnostics Page Filter Options


The all option shows all information in the diagnostics tab

Network health

this option tells you your download speed and weather ports 53, 443, and 80 are open

CPU info

what kind of CPU is running in your Edge Device

Device info

Edge Device serial number and Edge Device version

eMMC manufacturing infoinfo about the eMMC storage your Edge Device runs on (internal storage)

Front end

info about the device portal front end 

OS info

OS version number and OS name

Partition info

info on your Edge Device file system

Tulip package info

lists all packages installed on your Edge Device and their versions

Firmware checksum info

info on uboot

Troubleshoot your Tulip I/O Gateway

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