Foot pedals are IoT devices that can be connected to Tulip through a Tulip Edge Device. The foot pedal can have either a USB or I/O connections. 

There is one foot pedal that will work with the Tulip Player when plugged into a Windows computer via USB: The iKKEGOL USB Foot Pedal.

USB Foot Pedal

In order to setup a USB foot pedal, please connect the foot pedal with your Tulip Edge Device. Now you can access the foot pedal via triggers created using the Tulip App Editor. Please make sure that you are access the right station.

The foot pedal will create an output every time the foot pedal is pressed and your Tulip app will recognize and trigger the appropriate response. Foot pedals are a great way to control apps and keep operators hands free. 

Before purchasing a foot pedal, please ask for the list of supported foot pedals.

I/O Foot Pedal

An I/O foot pedal works like a switch. In most cases, when the foot pedal is pressed down, current is running, i.e. Pin up state.  This is based on the foot pedal’s configuration but is true in most cases.

To trigger a response to this state of the foot pedal, add/create a trigger in the Tulip App Editor within the appropriate app and choose the device “GPIO”  as shown in the image below.

Please make sure you know the pin number that the foot pedal is connected to on the Tulip I/O Gateway or Edge IO The “If” condition allows you to choose the specific pin associated with the I/O Gateway or Edge IO and the “Then” condition allows you to define the action that you would like to trigger. 

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