Tulip uses the Shop Floor tab to create virtual stations that imitate the arrangement of stations on the process floor in the real world.  

The word Display in Tulip refers to your PC, laptop or tablet. 

The word Device refers to a device that is integrated into Tulip, like a barcode scanner, calipers or Cognex camera.

For a general overview of the Shop Floor, refer to this article.

Creating a Station:

To create a station, navigate to the Shop Floor tab and select Stations.
Click on the Create Station button in the top-right and you can create a single station or a station group.

You can now enter all the relevant details for this station and then click Create.

Assigning a Display to a Station:

Select the "Shop Floor" Tab from the Menu Bar as shown in the figure below.

To assign a Display/device to a Station, select the desired Station from the left side of the Station pane.

To create a Display, first download and register the Tulip Player. Once done, you can assign that Display by creating a Station.

Within this modal, you will give this Station a name, assign the Display, and add the Station to a group if applicable. Once done, click Create.

Note: Each Station can have exactly one Display.

To create a Station Group, click on Create Station, and select Create Station Group.

Within this Modal, you can name and create a group for stations. You can easily drag and drop stations into this group, or assign the stations as you create them, as shown above.

Assign a Different Display to a Station

You can change the active Display at any time in the Stations tab. To do so, navigate to the Configuration Pane. On the right side of the Configuration Pane, The Display Field can be changed as follows. 

Select the Change button to access the list of available Displays.

Select the desired Display from the list, or search in the search bar. Make sure to click Save in order to register the change. Otherwise, the changes will not be saved to the Station.

Delete a Display

Selecting the three dots next to the Display name will allow you to remove the Display from the options list permanently.

Add App Assignments

By default, the Station will not have any App assignments. This means that no Apps are able to run until configured. This is to prevent unwarranted versions or Apps to run. You can configure these Assignments in the Configuration Pane of each Station.

Select Edit.

In the case above, the configuration is set to run any application in the development version. This configuration is most useful for a testing station for Apps under development.

You can add any number of App Assignments to the Station. Once done, click Save.

Configure the Timezone

Timezone is another major factor of a Station. The timezone dictates how the current date and time interacts with the Apps running at this Station. 

This is very similar to assigning a Display. Simply select Change, then select your desired timezone. Make sure to click Save to confirm the changes.

Add an Edge Device

First, register your Edge Device.

Then, select the Edge Device in the desired Station, and click Save.

You may add more than one Edge Device to a Station.

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