Tulip uses the Shop Floor tab to create virtual stations that imitate the arrangement of stations on the process floor in the real world.  

The word Display in Tulip refers to your PC, laptop or tablet. 

The word Device refers to a device that is integrated into Tulip, like a barcode scanner, calipers or Cognex camera.

In order to assign your Display to a particular station, follow the steps listed below:

1- Select the "Shop Floor" Tab from the Menu Bar as shown in the figure below.

2- The “Shop Floor” page is divided into 3 sections:

Stations: Stations refer to Tulip’s visualization of the process floor in the real world. They are used to: 

  • Limit the apps that run at a particular station, 
  • Apply a constraint to all displays/devices associated with the station
  • Match the Tulip IoT Gateway with the tablet, laptop or PC that it is associated with.

Unassigned Machines: This section gives you the list of all displays/devices that have been registered to your Tulip account (i.e. your_account.tulip.co) but are yet to be assigned to a station.  This is where all displays/devices will immediately feature on registration.

Context Pane: The Context Pane provides details about a particular Station or Display (depending on what has been selected). The attributes of the selected object can be edited in here.

Note: If the “Unassigned Machines” drawer is collapsed, you can open it up by clicking anywhere on the highlighted bar.

3-  To assign a display/device to a Station, click and hold down the mouse on the desired display/device under “Unassigned Machines” and drag it to the respective Station.  Release the mouse when you see the dotted box appear beneath the station.

4- Displays/Devices can be reassigned between Stations by dragging the display/device from one station to another as indicated above. Similarly, so can the entire station.

5- Displays/Devices can also be removed from a station by dragging them back to the Unassigned Machines drawer or deleting them from your account altogether from the Context Pane associated with the machine/device.

Note: Devices connected to an IoT Gateway can be identified by clicking on the Gateway in the Shop Floor and identifying the device in question from the Context Pane as shown in the image below.

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