Note: If you would like to change the time zone for your entire Tulip account, check out the "Account Settings" page.

Time Zones
can be predetermined at each station from the Shop Floor tab in the Tulip App Builder.

How To Change The Time Zone Of A Station

1- Select the station by clicking on its name.

2- In the station’s Context Pane to the right you should see a text input labeled ‘Time Zone’.

3. Click the ‘x’ (Close) button to the right of the time zone input.  This should clear out the default time zone, and transform the ‘x’ button into a dropdown button.

4. Either begin typing the name of the time zone you would like to assign or click the dropdown button.  Both should cause a dropdown to appear beneath the text containing time zones.  Typing in the text box should cause the list of time zones beneath to narrow toward what you are typing.  Select the correct time zone from the dropdown list below.

5. The text box should now contain the name of the time zone for the station.

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