A Tulip App consists of many steps which are connected to each other within the App via Next/Previous button or custom Triggers

From The Steps List

Click the "Add" button on the Toolbar and select the type of step you wish to add. This will allow you to create either a Form Step, a normal Step or a Step Group following the step you currently have selected.

Or, click the "Add Step" button on the bottom of the Steps List on the left hand side of the App Editor and enter the desired step name.

Duplicating Steps

Duplicate an existing step by first opening the step in the App Editor, then selecting “Step” in the Context Pane on the right side of the display.

Click the Settings icon and then select "Duplicate Step"

Deleting Steps

If you would like to delete any step:

1- Navigate to the Step that you would like to delete.  Select the “Step” Tab in the Context Pane.

2- Click on the settings icon and then select "Delete Step"

Copying Steps from One App To Another

You may want to transfer steps from one app to another. You can do this at two levels- by individual step, or by step group.

In either case, right click on the step or step group, and select "Duplicate".

Then, in the same tab in Chrome, navigate to the app where you would like to paste the steps. Right click on a step group, and select paste to paste the steps or step group into the app within that step group.

You must paste in the same tab where you copied the steps. You cannot use two tabs in one browser. 

Please note: When you duplicate a step, Step Triggers and Button Triggers from that step are also copied. If a Trigger references another step that is not copied at the same time, then the Trigger will be automatically deleted when the step is pasted into the new app. For this reason, we recommend duplicating entire Step Groups at once so that Triggers are not deleted.

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