The digital work instructions to assemble the andon light included in your Factory Kit are contained in an app that comes with each Factory Kit subscription. 

To use the work instructions: 

1- Launch the Tulip Player 

2-  In the search bar, type “Light Stack”

3- Launch the “Assembly - Light Stack” work instructions app to get started.

Congratulations! You’ve completed part 6 of 6 in the Factory Kit Quick Start Guide. That means

  1. You’ve completely assembled your Factory Kit

  2. You are familiar with how to configure and use your Tulip IoT Gateway with some basic IoT devices

  3. You know how to use Unit Tests to confirm that your devices are working as expected within Tulip. 

Check out the Shop Floor IoT section of the knowledge base to learn how to set up third party devices and learn how to build apps that include devices.

Remember, if at any point you need help you can send us a note using our "live chat" or browse our knowledge base at

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