Here's how to set up a Tulip IoT Gateway using the Gateway Portal. In order to set up a gateway, you need:

  • To be an administrator of a Tulip account

  • Google Chrome

  • Power Outlet

  • Wired Ethernet Connection

The Tulip IoT Gateway box includes: 

  • Tulip IoT Gateway

  • Wi-Fi USB dongle

  • 24V Power Supply

  • 3-foot Ethernet cord

Connect the Gateway to Power

1. Plug in Wi-Fi USB Dongle into an available USB Port.

2. On opposite side, plug in wires for power.
3. Plug other end into a power outlet

4. Verify two lights above the pins are on
5. On USB side, verify green light is blinking (may take up to 30 seconds)

6. Plug Ethernet cable into Ethernet jack
7. Plug other end into active Ethernet outlet

Next Step:

Register the gateway to your Tulip Account

Once you are done registering the Gateway, it is time to setup the Factory Kit USB Devices.

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