Alright, you’ve covered the “Tulip Essentials" and you’re familiar with “Setting Up Your Tulip Account”. Now you’re ready to start running with frontline operations apps!

To get up and running quickly, we recommend starting with the “Tulip Basics” interactive app tutorial. The Tulip Basics tutorial is designed to walk you through the core principles of effective app design. 

To use the Tulip Basics app, you’ll need to access both Tulip and the Player. 

In Tulip

  1. Log into Tulip
  2. Navigate to the “Apps” tab from the Menu Bar and select "Apps"
  3. Search for “Tulip Basics” in the search bar in the top left
  4. Select “Tulip Basics” from the list of available apps
  5. Click "Edit" in the top right corner OR click the first step “Welcome” to launch the App Editor 

You will be able to complete most of the challenges within Tulip until later in the app, when you will need to use the Player as well. That's the last guide in this tutorial- downloading and setting up the Player.

Note: If you have multiple users in your account, you may notice that someone has already edited the "Tulip Basics" app. If that's the case - click here and we'll walk you through how to start fresh.

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