You can control the visibility and access of Tulip Apps with Station Assignments from within the Shop Floor tab of Tulip. 

An App or App Group in Tulip can be assigned to a Station or Station Group within Shop Floor. By default, a new station has access to any App within Tulip.

How to View Existing Station Assignments

  1. Navigate to the "Shop Floor" from the Menu Bar in Tulip
  2. Click the heading of a Station
  3. View the Assignments in the right hand Context Pane. Here you can see which App or Group is assigned along with the specific versions. 

How to Add or Remove Station Assignments 

  1. From the Shop Floor tab, select a Station by clicking its name.
  2. In the station's Context Pane to the right, you should see a dropdown labeled "App or Group"
  3. To assign an App Group, select a group in this dropdown.  To assign a specific App, select an App from the dropdown.
  4. The app or apps assigned will default to the "Development Version" of the App. If you would like to specify that the Station use the most recently published version instead, select "always use most recent published version" from the dropdown labeled "Version" below the App or App Group dropdown.

Viewing information about a currently running app

  1. As with previous examples, select a station and view the Context Pane to the right.
  2. In the lower section of the pane you will see information such as the "User", "Current App" and "Current Step". You can also view the "Live Preview" of the currently running app.

Changing the Currently Running App or Step at a Station

When an App or App Group is changed in the Assignments section, the player will not change until the currently running app has been completed.  Sometimes it may be necessary to immediately change the currently running app or step for a station.

1. From the Shop Floor page, select a station by clicking its name.

2. In the Station's Context Pane to the right, look for the label Current App. To the right, there will be a lock icon.  

To change the currently running app, you first must unlock the currently running app. Click the lock icon to unlock it.  The name of the currently running app should transform to a dropdown with the name of the current app inside.

3. Select the app you would like to run instead.  Once selected, the station will immediately abandon the currently running app and switch to the new app.

4. To re-lock the app, click the lock icon again.  The dropdown should disappear and instead, just the name of the currently running app should be visible.

5. If you would like to change the specific step running on a Station, look for the label Current Step in the pane to the right.  Click the lock icon to unlock and select the step from the dropdown which appears. 

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