There are two reasons your barcode scanner may not work with Tulip:

  1. The device is not supported by Tulip.
  2. The scanner/reader is not configured correctly.

Tulip uses a barcode scanner’s identifier (comprising a combination of vendor ID and product ID) to distinguish between barcode scanners and other USB devices, like keyboards. For this reason that not all barcode scanners currently work with Tulip. 

See our Device Library for the list of barcode scanners that will work immediately with Tulip. 

Or, use this setup guide if your barcode scanner is not included in the Device Library.

If you follow the setup guide and the barcode scanner still does not work, it is not compatible with Tulip.

Troubleshooting Steps

For a barcode reader to work with a Tulip IoT Gateway or with the Tulip Player, Tulip must have registered the internal ID of the barcode, and the barcode reader must output in keyboard mode, with a new line at the end.

Barcode scanners are typically configured by scanning specific control barcodes. These are available in your barcode maker’s manual.

Note: Tulip uses the new line at the end of a barcode scan to mark the end of a message. If your barcode is not set up to add a carriage return to the end of its transition, then the message will not be sent into Tulip. 

Barcodes can contain newline characters within them. Those barcodes which contain a return character will be split into pairs delimited by the return, and sent as separate messages to the Tulip back end.

If you use a barcode reader that Tulip does not officially support, please use the Live Chat option in the bottom right of the screen to request an integration. 

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