Before reading, you should understand How to Assign a Device to A Station.

When setting up a new Display Device or Edge Device, its connectivity can be verified in the Shop Floor view.  This article will review how to navigate the Shop Floor.

  • Log into your account using your Google Chrome browser: <your _account>

  • Click on the “Shop Floor” tab at the top of your screen.

Display Devices assigned to a station are listed in the assigned station’s information. 

Here, the Display Device named Device1 is assigned to this station, and is online. Similarly, the GTW-04-34228DB1 is assigned to this station as well. Only one Display Device can be assigned to a station, but any number of Edge Devices can be added to a given station.

When a Display Device or Edge Device is online, its icon will be green.  If a Display Device or Edge Device is offline, it’s icon will be red. If a Machine is offline (red), verify that it has both power and internet.

Edge Devices (sensors, scanners, foot pedals, etc.) connected to Display Devices can be seen by selecting a station.  For this example, an I/O Gateway is selected and on the right, a list of connected Devices is shown. That I/O Gateway is associated with this Display Device.

If a Device is connected to an I/O Gateway, but is not listed in the “Devices” list for that I/O Gateway, then the I/O Gateway has not identified that Device as connected. Ensure the driver is turned on, if applicable, in the I/O Gateway Configuration page. This could also be due to a defective device or a poor connection between the Device and the Gateway.

If the above steps are not working as you expect or if you would like additional help, you can contact our live chat or email

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