If you would like to report a bug or support request to Tulip, follow these steps.

1- Click on the Help Menu ("?" icon) at the top right corner of the Menu Bar and select Support Request.

2- Please fill all the fields as prompted to help us fully understand your problem and subsequently provide more effective support.

  • Choose the “Request Type” of the ticket.
  • Provide us with the aspect of Tulip that you are having trouble with.
  • Select the Priority of the ticket.  Please choose this wisely as it will help us optimize our response time as well as provide enough time for us to respond with the most effective solution.
  • Finally fill the “Subject” and the details of the problem you’d like us to resolve.

3- Submit the support request.

4- Someone from our support team will get in touch within 24 hours.

Note: You could use the “Live Chat” option as well in order to get in touch with a member from the Customer Support Team.

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