We're sorry the Tulip Player isn't working. There are a few things you can try to get back up and running.

1- If the Tulip Player won't load, try opening <your site>.tulip.co/player in Google Chrome

If that page does not load, the problem is likely with your connection to the internet, rather than with Tulip. You should talk to your IT department and see if they can help you connect.

  • If other webpages (such as https://google.com or your company's web site) also do not load, the issue is almost certainly with your computer's connection to the internet. Your IT department should be able to help you connect.
  • If some webpages load, but not your Tulip account, try loading your Tulip account from a different network (such as your smartphone connected to a 4G network). If the Tulip site loads on other networks, but not your computer's network, then your network is probably blocking access to your Tulip site. Your IT department should be able to un-block the site. You should let them know that Tulip requires ports 80 and 443 to be open to the Internet.
  • If your Tulip account won't load from multiple networks, it may be an issue with Tulip. Our automated monitoring systems have likely already notified our 24/7/365 on-call team. Please contact support@tulip.co or use the Live Chat option for support and updates on the issue.

2- If you are having issues with a barcode scanner, foot pedal, or RFID reader plugged directly into your Windows computer running the Tulip Player, please ensure that your device is supported by us and then try unplugging the device, waiting a few seconds, and plugging it back in.  

If you are still having problems and are sure that that the device is configured correctly and works on other interfaces, please contact support@tulip.co or use the live Chat option for support and updates on the issue.

3- Restart the Tulip Player if you are facing trouble with accessing a particular Step or the Player is stuck on a particular Step. If the Player app is in fullscreen, long-press (on a touch device) or right-click (on a device with a mouse) and select "Toggle Fullscreen" to exit the fullscreen mode. 

Then, click the "X" in the top-right corner of the window to close the Tulip Player. Alternatively, on a touch device, swipe over to the right from the very left edge of the screen to enter the Windows app switcher, and then click on the "X" in the top-right corner of the Tulip window to close it. Then, reopen the app.  

4- Check for updates. Select File -> Check for Updates in the Tulip Player, and update the app if there is an update available.  

5- Restart your computer. Open the Windows menu by clicking the Windows icon on the bottom-left of you screen, then select "Restart" from the power menu.

6- If none of the previous steps resolve the issue, you can try performing a reset of the Tulip Player app. You will need to re-authenticate the device after performing a reset.

If you have to reset the Tulip Player app (step 6), or you're having frequent issues with the app, please submit a support request so we can investigate the issue. 

When reporting a bug with the Tulip Player app, please include your device's serial number (which you can view from the File -> About dialog) so we can resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

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