Note: If your organization uses LDAP and wants to connect your LDAP directory to Tulip, check out this separate guide.

Your company's Tulip account includes an unlimited number of free users.

To manage users you must be an Account Owner. To view users navigate to your account's "Settings" page.

Definition of User Roles

On the "Standard" and "Professional plans, there are 5 distinct roles:

Account Owners: Can create and update apps, manage users, manage stations, edit tables and manage account settings via Tulip. 

Administrators: Can create and update apps, manage stations, edit tables via Tulip. 

Viewers: Can log into Tulip and view apps, stations, dashboards and tables.

Viewers with Player Access: Can log into Tulip and view apps, stations, dashboards and tables. Can register the Tulip Player and use all apps.

Operators: Interact with and run the Tulip apps on a Tulip Player.

Additionally, enterprise accounts have 7 more roles:

Application Engineer: Can only build apps

Tulip Table Supervisor: Can build apps and manage Tables

Connector Supervisor: Can build apps and manage connector functions

Station Supervisor: Can build apps, manage stations as well as machines, machine data sources and devices

Station Operator: Can manage stations as well as machines and devices

Application Builder: Can build and manage apps

Application Approver: Can only approve new versions of apps

Generally, access can be grouped into three distinct categories:

  1. "Users", which can access both Tulip and the Tulip Player

  2. "Viewers", which can only view assets in Tulip

  3. "Operators", which can only access the Tulip Player

Full Summary of Roles

Here's a full summary of the capabilities of each role.

Account-Level Settings

Apps + Tables

Devices/Stations + Machines


Analyses + Completions

Adding New Tulip Users

Only "Account Owners" can add new users.

Select Users in your Settings page, and press the Add User button.

Select the role for this new user.

To add a new Operator:

  1. Fill in the Operator’s full name.

  2. Fill in the Badge ID number.

  3. Press “Create User”.

To add any other type of user:

  1. Fill in the user’s full name

  2. Fill in the user's email address

  3. Fill in the user’s Badge ID number

Note: Once a new user is added to a Tulip account, an email will be automatically sent to the user prompting the individual to create a new profile. Operators will not receive an email, and can begin using the Tulip Player immediately.

Editing Roles of Other Users

Only "Account Owners" can edit the roles of other users.

First, click any user:

Then, select "Edit" in the top right of the screen.

You will now be able to edit the following fields:

  • Name

  • Role

  • Badge ID

  • Language

Updating Profile Picture or Phone Number

  1. Click on the circle in the top right corner on the Toolbar.

  2. Select “My Profile”.

3. Click "Edit" in the top right of the screen.

4. Click on the "Add phone number" button in the middle of the screen:

The following modal will pop up.  Please enter your phone number and key in the Verification code that you receive via SMS on your phone and hit “Save”.

You can also remove a user's phone number from the same screen.

You can also personalize your profile by adding a profile picture.  In order to do this, click on your initials in the circular icon and drag-and-drop or upload your profile picture here and “Confirm” this update.

How To Fix Expired Invitations

For security purposes, invite links expire after 24 hours. So, if the invited user does not accept the invite within that period, they will see a message like this when they try to log in:

To fix this problem, you need to resend their welcome link. In the Users page in Settings, find the user who is unable to log in. In their Status field, the following message will be displayed:

Click on the three dots on the right side of this user's information. Two options will appear to either edit or resend their welcome email.

Click Resend Invite to send the user's welcome email again. If they still are unable to log in, please contact for more help.

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