This article is focused on guiding you through the steps required to register a new Display, i.e. desktop, laptop or tablet, so that it can run Tulip Apps.

  1. Download the Tulip Player to the display and launch the Tulip Player application (instructions to download are here)
  2. Type the name of your Tulip account into the open window. If you access the Tulip Platform in the web browser at, then the address to enter is "my-account".

    (If your Tulip account does not end in "" or "", then enter the full URL in the box)

3. Fill in your Tulip credentials. This is the same username and password used to access Tulip on Google Chrome.

4. Name the Display (e.g 'Station 1 Touchscreen')

5. Enter your badge number and click “Log In”
Note: You can use "0000" to log in as a generic user.

6. Confirm that your Display is now available on Tulip’s Shop Floor under “Unassigned Machines”. In this example, the Display is called "Your device"

Drag the Display to the appropriate Station.

Congratulations! Your device is now ready to run Tulip apps.

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