When creating an app, sometimes a set of instructions is best illustrated using instructional videos. In these cases, it is useful to be able to embed video(s) into your app. 

In order to embed a video within a step of your app:

1- Select “Embed” from the Toolbar and “Video” from the resulting dropdown list. This will create an empty embedded video widget.

2. Select the video widget to choose how to embed.  You can either choose a video to upload or click the YouTube video link.

3. You can customize the widget with the checkbox options in the Context Pane.

Autoplay: The video will play automatically when the operator enters the step. Without this option, the operator will have to manually start the video.

Loop: Indicates whether or not the video will loop on completion.

Technical Details of Video Upload

You can upload the following video formats:

  • MP4

Maximum size is 200MB.

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