In order to access information from an MES or other external system, Tulip uses Connectors. 

Once the Connector functions have been built, they can be initiated within an app via Triggers. This can be achieved by following the steps described below:

To add a Trigger:

1- Click on the "+" sign beside Triggers under the Step tab of the Context Pane.

2- Fill in a name for the new Trigger in the Trigger Editor.

3- Select When the trigger should run.

4- Select a Condition that will determine if the trigger should run in the If section. This is not required.

5- Add New Action by filling the section under “Then”:

  • Select  "Run Connector Function"
  • Select the connector you wish to run
  • Select the desired data input to the function (e.g a barcode scan, from a variable or even a static value)
  • Select the the action regarding the data received from the function ( e.g. save as variable).

Note: In case the data received from the connector function contains several variables, Tulip will save each data input as a separate variable within an object (like an array) and you’ll be able to access them separately.

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