You can upload any image saved in your computer i.e. P.C., laptop or tablet, to your Tulip app with either of these methods.

Method 1

1- Navigate to the Step in the app where you would like to upload an image/picture.

2- Click on “Embed” in the App Builder Tool Bar and choose “Image” from the resulting dropdown.

3- Upload the content by clicking the “upload” arrow under the Widget tab in the Context Pane.

4. Use the “refresh” arrow to “Reset Aspect Ratio” for easy formatting.

Method 2

You can directly drag images from your desktop or a folder into an individual Step in the App Builder. This works well if you have many images in a folder, and you would like to quickly add them to steps.

Method 3

You can create a variable with type "image" and then store a specific image as a default value. Or, you can update that variable with a new image in the Trigger Editor.

To store an image in a variable by default, choose the Variables menu from the App tab of the Context Pane.

Then, create a variable with type "Image URL".

Then, choose the "Upload" icon in the Default Value column on the right.

You can always update this image via Triggers.

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