A manufacturing app is a flexible piece of software that can be tailored to solve individual problems on a shop floor. It can be created without writing any code. 

Apps use visual design, custom logic and, if appropriate, IoT devices to guide operator workflows and collect key information from individuals closest to the operation.

Manufacturing apps turn your value stream into a series of digital processes that integrate operator, sensor and machine data across your production shop floor to achieve your business goals. 

Tulip can be used to create all kinds of manufacturing apps. Some examples include:

  • Interactive Work Instruction
  • Quality Checks
  • Visibility Apps
  • Machine Monitoring
  • KPI Dashboards
  • Audits

Building Tulip Apps is easy using a simple drag-and-drop interface! The Tulip App Builder (shown below) allows process engineers to use an intuitive visual builder to create apps for the production floor. 

The Tulip App Builder allows you to build logic into your apps using "triggers." You can use triggers to control the flow of the App as well as enable data collection.  

In addition to collecting data from operators on the production floor, triggers (as shown below) can push and pull data from various IoT devices, sensors, machines as well as backend IT systems such as ERP and MES via our Connectors infrastructure. 

Apps can be deployed in a click to various devices such as tablets or touch screens that are running the Tulip Player (screenshot of live Tulip Player below). 

Tulip Apps automatically collect data and can process them through our Analytics Builder in real-time. The Analytics Builder gives engineers and operators the tools required to understand and analyze the manufacturing data that is collected within Tulip. 

Here's an example of a single Analysis:

This data can be displayed through KPI dashboards or shared with colleagues without logging into Tulip.

For guidance on building your first manufacturing app, we recommend the Tulip Basics app

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