What are Workspaces?
  • 30 Sep 2022
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What are Workspaces?

What are Workspaces?

An introduction to the latest Workspaces feature

What are Workspaces?

Workspaces are a new feature set in Tulip, allowing organizations to manage users and resources for multiple sites or environments, within a single global Tulip instance.

A Workspace is a partition within a Tulip account with its own set of resources like apps, Machines, and Tables, that are independent of other workspaces within an account. Workspaces can be useful for separating data for different teams or facilities.

Resources like Connectors can be standardized and deployed globally to different sites, while apps and data can be managed locally at each facility.

Workspace Use Cases

  • Organizing operations by site

    • Boston, Munich, Hungary
  • Organizing team data by department level

  • Organizing data for testing, training, and staging sites for App validation purposes

Prior to Workspaces, these use-cases required a number of instances to be provisioned in order to segregate data but this is now made simpler with only needing to manage one instance that houses multiple workspaces.

Enabling Workspaces

This feature is only available for Enterprise level customers. To enable this feature please get in touch with support@tulip.co or with your Tulip Customer Success Manager.

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