Simple Checklist Application
  • 17 Sep 2022
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Simple Checklist Application

Simple Checklist Application

Use this application to manage and track tasks on a checklist

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The Simple Checklist application enables users to create, manage and track tasks on a checklist. Users are able to create new checklists and create or assign existing tasks to these checklists, and are then able to perform these tasks and record whether the tasks passed or failed. The dashboard enables users to track whether a checklist has been completed or not, regardless of whether a task on the checklist passed or failed, and tracks if there are any incomplete checklists, as well as the percentage of tasks completed on a particular checklist.

This application is for you if you are looking to:

  • Keep track of whether checklists are being successfully completed
  • Track what checklists are left incomplete, and at what stage they are left as incomplete

Video Overview of Application

Installation Instructions

This application can be downloaded from Once this application is downloaded, it is good to go. Simply select an existing checklist, or create a new checklist, and begin tracking the completion of tasks across the various checklists.


Can I run a particular checklist multiple times?

Yes, you can run a certain checklist multiple times, creating unique table records for each run. Each individual run of the checklist will track the number of tasks completed on that run, as well as whether that particular run was successfully completed or left unfinished.

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