QMS Dashboard
  • 17 Sep 2022
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QMS Dashboard

QMS Dashboard

Use this application in order to see the health of all your QMS systems and track important datapoints and metrics


The purpose of the QMS Dashboard application is to allow users to see the health of all their QMS systems and track important datapoints and metrics. This application works in conjunction with the Quality Event Management, CAPA Management, Digital Systems Inventory, Third Party Management and Security Incident Management applications and the data collected from these applications. Users can see the number of overdue and upcoming events/reviews for all these applications and track important metrics such as average time to closure for events.

***NOTE**** This application contains documentation to help you get up and running more quickly. Contact support@tulip.co for an Operational Flow Diagram, a Risk Assessment, and a Test Plan for a seamless GxP deployment.


This application makes use of the Quality Events table, the CAPAs Table, the Digital Systems table, the Third Party Systems Management table and the Security Incidents table. Data in these tables are created in the respective individual applications, and the QMS dashboard displays analytics based on this data. Some important analytics tracked are the number of open and overdue events/incidents, the number of events/incidents closed after their due date, the percentage of closed incidents closed within 30 days and the average time to closure for events/incidents. Furthermore, users are able to see all open events/incidents and are able to send out emails to the owners in order to remind them to get their task done.

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