Process Engineering (Mobile)
  • 30 Sep 2022
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Process Engineering (Mobile)

Article Summary

Process Engineering (Mobile)

A mobile application framework for production support staff


This application is meant to be used by production support staff, such as process engineers or quality engineers, who are responsible for the performance of production cells or systems. It provides a simple and effective navigation screen that lets you view and interact with the data being created by your cells.

Video Introduction

How it works

This application is basically just a navigation screen with a few sample screens. The main screen is shown below:

The use can see a number of options to select from, only the top three are functioning in this application at the time of release. Clicking on "Stations" shows you the status of your stations, which you can select and view in greater detail.

You may choose to adjust this and show different information. Selecting Andon or Quality events will act very similarly to the Manufacturing Events Manager application - you can view and change the status of events from your production cells.

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