Material Request
  • 17 Sep 2022
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Material Request

Material Request

An application that provides an interface to put in material requests and track the progress of these requests


The purpose of this application is to provide a single terminal to put in material requests into the system as well as to track and update the status of these requests as it proceeds from being an open request to a closed request once it is completed.

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How it Works

The "Material Requisition" terminal can be used to request material, and once a request is created, an order is created in the "Material Requests" table, where the Supplier is able to view and adjust statuses of the requests, marking them "in progress" or in a "delivery" state. The Supplier is also able to close out the request once it is completed, and this entire process of requesting a material till it has been closed out and completed by the Supplier is used to calculate the actual lead time.

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