How To Migrate Your Tulip Account To SAML SSO
  • 31 Jan 2023
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How To Migrate Your Tulip Account To SAML SSO

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If you are already using email/password to authenticate users, here's how to switch.


Many customers use Tulip accounts to control access as they start building. When they are ready to scale up their Tulip deployment, they switch to SAML SSO.

SAML SSO Migration

In order to switch and keep existing user data, your account will need a user migration to SAML. A Tulip team member can help you with this migration. In order to make this switch, you will need to share a CSV file of users to be migrated.

There are two columns needed:

  • The SAML nameID of the user. While the format can be flexible, this must be a unique ID that will link a user’s Tulip account with their SAML account. Every user in Tulip must have a distinct nameID in SAML. This field is case sensitive.

  • The current user's email address that they use to sign into Tulip.

Make sure that you have already confirmed and verified that SAML is working in Tulip, see How to setup SAML on your account. Make sure to turn off SAML once tested if you still need users to login.

Once you have a migration CSV and have confirmed SAML works, Please speak to your Tulip rep to schedule your SAML migration. Once migrated, all users can begin logging in with SAML immediately.

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