Events Forms and Event Manager
  • 17 Sep 2022
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Events Forms and Event Manager

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When you are in production it is often the case that you are taking action. If a line goes down, a defect is found, there is an audit finding, or you are responding to an opportunity - you need to take action. All of these actions are directly tied to your production performance. This content is made to be "plugged in" to the Tulip apps you are already running. Do you have an operator terminal that has a "request help" button? What does it do? This app is the answer to that question. It helps you manage the events that occur everyday and it allows you to assign them to your team for action.

General Process Overview

Using the one of the Event forms creates an event in the *Events table. This event may be a "Quality Event", "Audit Event", or any event of your choosing. We've created four example event forms in the library:

  1. Quality Event Form - Logging nonconforming materials

  2. Feedback Event Form - Logging feedback or ideas from your staff

  3. Audit Event Form - Logging compliance issues against protocols (safety compliance, for example)

  4. Andon Event Module - Logging a downtime event and indicating that station as being "Down"

Once an event is created, it becomes available in the "Events Manager" application. From this application, you can view all of your open events, change their status, write comments, and assign them to your team.

Getting Started - Application Overview

Below is a video that walks through the applications in more detail:

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