What are Analytics?
  • 28 Apr 2023
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What are Analytics?

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Analytics are dynamic visualizations of the data that your operations create. Leveraging Analytics can enable KPI-driving improvements within minutes, instead of days of weeks.

Analytics can drive insights from all the different data sources in Tulip:

  • App Completions
  • Table Data
  • Machine Data


Analytics automatically update so the insights just keep coming!


Dashboards are groupings of Analytics. Often one metric doesn't represent success or failure, but instead a group of analytics are needed to illuminate your process performance.



Anaytics can also be embedded within applications to further the discoveries for your operators. Game-ify your operations with displaying for your users, the metrics they are being expected to maintain.

Embedded Anaytics further enrich the Tulip experience by enabling dynamic filtering of the data that matters for your operators.


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