RFID Scanner Unit Tests
  • 30 Sep 2022
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RFID Scanner Unit Tests

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RFID Scanner Unit Tests

Use this application in order to test whether your RFID scanner has been set up correctly and is functioning as desired.


The purpose of the RFID Scanner Unit Tests application is to allow users to test whether their RFID Scanners are connected correctly and are functioning as desired. This application is designed in order to test RFID Scanners connected to an edge device via USB or connected directly to a computer running the Tulip player.


In order for this application to be used, a RFID Scanner is required. A Tulip edge device might be required depending on how you decide to set up your RFID Scanner.

Instructions for setting up a RFID Scanner can be found here

How it works

This application is designed to test whether your RFID Scanner is connected and is functioning correctly. When the application is opened, the user is is prompted with a screen showing a grey box, along with instructions to scan a RFID. Once the user scans the RFID, the grey box should turn green and should contain the RFID data in the box if the device is connected correctly and is working as intended. Otherwise, the user has the option to access a support article which provides relevant instructions regarding how to setup a RFID Scanner and get it functioning.

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