Connector Snapshotting
  • 23 Oct 2023
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Connector Snapshotting

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This document provides information about a new feature added to our product. Please note that this feature might be disabled for certain instances. If you wish to enable this feature, please contact Support at

Connectors play a crucial role in the functioning of your Tulip applications. Similar to your app logic, maintaining stability after publication is our top priority. We aim to prevent any changes to the Development Version of your application from affecting the performance of your apps in production.

Upon app publication, the Connectors within your application are "snapshot." This means that any modifications made to the existing Connector Function contexts after publication will not negatively impact the applications in use on the shop floor.

When manual publishing for Connector snapshots is enabled, you can apply new configurations to connectors used in already published apps.


Viewing Snapshots

To view the snapshots associated with a specific app Version, navigate to the "Versions" tab on the app overview page. The connectors used by each version will be listed in the resources column.

Snapshot View

By clicking on a snapshot, you can access a read-only view of the connector version used by that application. This allows you to review the configuration of the connector at the time of publication.

Read-Only View

Modifying Existing Snapshots

During publication, both the configuration and functions of the connector are snapshotted. This includes details such as the host, port, and authentication information. This approach safeguards against unintentional configuration changes that could immediately impact production.

However, if you frequently encounter expired authentication details, this default behavior might not be suitable. To address this, account owners can adjust this behavior from the connectors tab within the account settings and make the necessary adjustments.

The following options are available:

Publish automaticallyChanges to the connector's configuration will be automatically applied to all shop floor apps.
Require manual publishing (default)Connector configurations and functions remain immutable after app publication.

Publishing Options

We hope these explanations provide clarity on how connectors and snapshots function within your Tulip applications.

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