Basic Desktop Templates
  • 17 Sep 2022
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Basic Desktop Templates

Article Summary

Basic Desktop Templates

This is a set of templates to be used as starting points for building Tulip applications


The new step of templates for Tulip apps is designed to be the starting point for any new app creation. They are not specific to any application type. The goal is to provide the user with a blueprint with basic design elements and transitions so that the user can focus on adding triggers and logic. Overall, these templates should constitute the first building block to help in the creation of new Tulip apps.


Each of the templates in this set consists of an overview page and three pre-built steps. In the overview page, the user will find basic information about the product and its purpose (e.g., the resolutions available) and the instructions to customize the templates. The navigation buttons in the three pre-built steps contain the default transition logic in Tulip, while the additional buttons (Help and Report) do not contain triggers and have to be fully configured. The easiest way to use these templates is to duplicate the relevant steps, add content and logic to the steps and, finally, delete the overview page. Further modifications to customize these templates include substituting Tulip logo with the user’s company one, modifying the color palette, resizing the content frames to fit the content itself.

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