Arena Integration
  • 01 Dec 2023
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Arena Integration

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Arena is an online platform provider with 2 main focuses: providing a Production Lifecycle Management (PLM) and a Quality Management System (QMS) to it's customers. Arena’s (PLM) software is purpose-built for today’s modern product development challenges. They help their internal teams and supply chain partners stay on the same page to speed product launches. On the other side their QMS connects quality and product designs into a single, secure system. This helps you introduce new products to market while ensuring regulatory compliance.


We are going to highlight different HTTP connector functions that can be built by doing HTTP calls to Arena's endpoints to pull information on Bill of Materials (BOMs) configured, CAD designs, ERP and CRM systems.
Tulip apps can be built to customize work-instructions for operators on the shop floor that pull information on production orders, highlighting the parts needed for operators to assemble products & complete the production order on the shop floor. We showcase how shop-floor managers can maintain a real-time inventory of different parts required to assemble the product on the shop floor.


The following connector functions highlighted in this document have leveraged Arena's API Docs
Note: You have to first Log in with your Arena credentials before using this documentation.


  1. Subscribe for an account at Arena Solutions with API accessibility.
  2. Import the Arena Unit Test, the Arena Functional Example application or simply the* Arena Connector* from the Tulip Library to get the Arena Connector.
  3. Set the following details on the imported Connector shown on the next step.

Tulip Connection Details

The following information would need to be configured on Tulip's HTTP connector.

  1. Running On: Cloud Connector Host
  2. Host:
  3. Port:443
  4. TLS: Yes
  5. Authentication: No Auth
  6. Headers:


Prebuilt Connector Functions

Arena User Login

Returns an Arena Session ID for all other PTC Arena Tulip Connector Functions to use. Expires after 90 min of inactivity.

Arena User Logout

Returns an Arena Session ID for all other PTC Arena Tulip Connector Functions to use. Expires after 90 min of inactivity.

GET All Items | Query by Assembly Type

Returns all Items equal to the Assembly Type Search query parameter.

GET All Items | Query by Item Name

Returns all Items equal to the Item Name Search query parameter.

GET All Items | Query by Item Number

Returns all Items equal to the Item Number Search query parameter.

GET BOM by Assembly Item GUID

Returns all BOM Items in an BOM Header Item.

Get Item Categories

Returns all predefined Item categories from Arena.

GET Item Compliance by Item GUID

Returns all compliances relative to an Item GUID.

GET Item Where Used by Item GUID

Returns an array of Item objects in which the given Item GUID appears as a BOM line.

How it works


Now you have everything setup to try and discover the functionalities in the Arena Unit Test Application. Import it from the Library, if you haven't done that already and follow the simple steps to go through all these use cases with the Arena - Tulip Integration.

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