Andon Event Terminals
  • 30 Sep 2022
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Andon Event Terminals


The purpose of this application is to extend upon the events module and show how it can be applied to be better connect the operator and manager in the case of an andon event. Any amount of downtime in manufacturing is lost productivity. Use this application to connect your operators with the rest of the team and give them the tools to be able to get the line back up and running. These apps are out-of-the box solutions. Simply download them to your instance, follow the configuration steps below.


This article describes the:

-Andon Operator Terminal

-Andon Supervisor Terminal

How it Works

Here's a demo of how both applications work together:


In the Andon Operator Terminal

  1. Edit the 'Reason' Dropdown with reason codes that are applicable to your organization

  1. Go to People --> Custom Fields and edit the 'Manager' column for all people who will receive alerts.

  2. Confirm that the personnel who would be alerted in this application have a verified telephone number so they can receive SMS alerts

See here: <


  1. Head over to the *Stations table and update a photo for every entry.

Note: The system will automatically add records for every new station that runs the application

Run The App In the Tulip Player

Note: Please be sure the Station is set up to run Development applications (can modify under Assigned Applications in the Stations tab).


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